Tuesday, 28 March 2017

A day in Tallinn

The Finnish cruise culture is quite something - us Finns do love a good cruise, especially if heading to Estonia or Sweden. There are no words to really describe it, just something you have to experience. As it's quite cheap, it's a popular option. That is also how I traveled to Tallinn, Estonia over a week ago. I have to admit, it was pretty exhausting but totally worth it. 

We left at 9.30PM from Helsinki which meant spending the night on the ship. As we had a very early wake-up call, me and my auntie basically hit the bed the minute we got to our cabin. 
I don't remember the last time I was up at 6am, but surprisingy I wasn't tired even the slightest bit. Filled myself with a delicious buffet breakfast and we were ready to hit the town.

The first thing we did was exploring the empty streets of the old town whilst the sun was rising. At that time (about 7.30AM) nothing was open so it was best just taking it slow and enjoying the views.
The best part of traveling is definitely exploring new places and getting to know different cultures. I wouldn't say no to a beach holiday, but I'm more of a city-break kinda gal. There is nothing better than walking aimlessly on the streets of a city, and I think that's the best way to find amazing places you might not be able to see if you just visit the touristy side of the city. 

We were in luck. The weather was gorgeous! It had been raining a lot and it also rained the day after, but we managed to get a full day of pure sunshine and crispy spring air. Popped in to a couple of cafés, did a little bit of shopping, but mainly we walked - a lot. I think at the end of the day we had walked about 20 000 steps which I could definitely feel in my legs. But boy was that nothing compared to the day after. I barely got out of bed as I felt like I had been to the gym. 

It was such a nice little trip and I wouldn't mind going back again - preferably when it's slightly warmer so staying outside wouldn't be such a problem. After all, Tallinn is by the sea and can get quite windy.


  1. Rakastan sun kirjotustyyliä! Niin sulavaa ja selkeetä, ah- keep them posts coming.
    <3: Maryberry

    1. Kiitos ihana! <3 Sori, jostain syystä huomasin sun kommentin vasta nyt :((